Gatun Lake: ports, navigation, and activities.

Owning a property near the lake, allows you to settle in a region that offers multiple business opportunities and different activities. This ecosystem attracts many investors in order to belong to this incredible concept, who want to have a second home or establish themselves permanently. In the region many of the most attractive fincas in Panama are appreciated, and its inhabitants enjoy a lifestyle of superior quality, with great fishing possibilities, outings in pleasure craft and adventures in the jungle areas, both on the banks of the lake as in the islands, among which stands out the island Barro Colorado.

Main ports connected to the lake area

The city of Colon, located on the Atlantic margin of Panama, has the main port of entry and exit of merchandise of the country, operational since 1914. This huge infrastructure attracts many investors in start-up companies, many of which acquire properties in Panama in urban areas in idyllic locations on the lake, such as Lago Gatun Fincas. In this area, of extraordinary beauty, many globes of land or fincas are offered in Panama whose demand evidences a strong growth.

The business owners of fincas in areas such as Lago Gatun Fincas, have simple access to the largest port in Latin America, which is also the neuralgic, economic and financial center of the area. Those who acquire properties in Panama in the lake region also have access to the shopping paradise offered by the city of Colon, and also to the Colon Free Zone, which is considered the second largest free zone in the world.

These special economic zones allow national and international companies to establish their operations, through the acquisition of land for sale in Panama to build warehouses and enjoy tax, labor and migration benefits. It is important to have assistance to access visa services in Panama, necessary to become a permanent resident in the country. It is possible to obtain this visa through investment in companies and/or fincas, with certain characteristics. It is convenient to emphasize that when acquiring one of the properties managed by the company Panama Portfolio, you will be advised with a lot of professionalism in the different diligences necessary to obtain your property.

Another important port in the Panama Canal area is the port of Balboa, close to the locks of Miraflores Lake. This port terminal has grown in step with the demands of world markets and is a large center for the distribution of goods. It is located just one hour and 45 minutes by car from Lago Gatun Fincas, where some of the best housing communities in Panama are being developed.

Fishing and sailing on the lake

The Gatún reservoir, which spans more than 430 square kilometers, bathes the banks of the provinces of Colon and Panama. In this area, it is possible to invest in balloons of land or fincas for sale in Panama that allow projecting business buildings or private homes. Several excellent rural communities in Panama have been built in some areas full of possibilities by the lake.

The importance of sport fishing in the lake is remarkable. Many big sport fishing enthusiasts have invested in properties with access to the lake. In addition, there are springs for public use with wooden structures, metal or cement, and with potable water, telephone, ice, fuel and garbage collection services.

The docks for sports fishing boats are distributed in the communities of Arenosa, where magnificent sustainable properties are appreciated where Lago Gatun Fincas stands out in the Represa and in La Chorrera, province of Panama. There are also very active docks in the communities of Gamboa and Puerto Espinal, in the province of Colón.

Clubs and institutions that organize nautical activities on the lake

Numerous hotels and travel agencies organize important fishing tournaments on the lake. In these competitions can participate both travelers and those who have settled in properties located in the area. In the community of Gamboa, in addition, there are fishermen who offer the service of boat rental and guide to the fishing sites.

One of the most recognized clubs located on the lake is Panama Fishing and Catching, an operator of fishing tours that has several boats and different tour options. It also highlights the proposal of the fishermen’s club The Tarpon Club, established in Gatún since 1914. This club has hosted many celebrities in its history, including President Roosevelt. Those who have the opportunity to acquire any of the properties in Lago Gatun Fincas can participate regularly in the wonderful fishing trips of this club.

Also very interesting is the service provided by the Balboa Yacht Club, which promotes yacht racing and cruises, among other activities. It has a beautiful clubhouse and a marina for educational, recreational and social uses of its members, families, and guests.

Other activities and hobbies in the lake

As part of Lago Gatun Fincas you can live in a natural paradise where monkeys, birds, and other animals live, it is possible to enjoy many other activities, besides fishing. These include ecological kayak rides or boats, where you can even see manatees and otters. The area also invites you to tour the islands of the lake and the Chagres River.

Investing in a property near the lake, like Lago Gatun Fincas, is synonymous with never getting bored and enjoying yourself. The alternatives include bike rides, horseback riding, ecotourism outings, canopy, catamaran sailing, jet ski excursions and even access to the first Golf Driving Range on Water in Panama, without forgetting shopping, beach hours and much plus.

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